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About Us

Rabiota is one of the products of the Ag-BioBoom. Ag-BioBoom seeks to harness nature’s power by introducing beneficial fungi to economically important crops to improve its yield and quality, thus helping feed the growing population. We promote eco-friendly and sustainable biofertilizers.

At Ag-BioBoom, we have a team of committed experts servicing farmers’ needs to enable them to grow crops in more abundance using economically sound and natural methods. Our team specializes in discovering beneficial microbes from wild plants and integrating them into crop plants. These helpful microbes support crops in producing food/products and growing healthier, even in stressful conditions. At Ag-BioBoom, all our novel beneficial microbes have been tested on various economically essential crops such as corn, tomato, strawberries, bamboo, and others. Custom testing of specific crops is also available based on farmers and or other industry partner’s needs. Ag-BioBoom strives relentlessly to aid agriculture industries and professionals to produce more food to feed a growing population.

Our quest and insatiable desire to offer solutions to farmers and growers gave birth to Ag-BioBoom. We have made it our mission to identify and develop methods to utilize novel microbes of wild plants that have been partly responsible for aiding plants in surviving in harsh environments in nature. We intend to achieve this remarkable feat by reintroducing these Ag-BioBoom microbes back into crop plants that have lost mainly this vital portion of their microbiome through various farming practices over time. In the long term, agricultural industries and farmers will see a drastic increase in crop yields that will lead to economic growth and, more importantly, food security growth.




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