About Rabiota:

Rabiota is a superior easy-to-use fertilizer. It promotes healthier plant growth, enriches taste and flavor, and increases yield at no cost to the planet nor people. Rabiota provides beneficial microbes to confer positive symbiotic benefits to diverse crops. After more than a decade of careful research, we developed Rabiota, which merges beneficial plant microbiomes into an easy-to-use liquid or seed coated formula. Rabiota liquid formula works on grains, fruits, vegetables, and turf! Rabiota can also be applied as a seed coated formula per customer request.

How To Use Rabiota:

Rabiota is easy-to-use and fits into a farmer’s existing practice. Shake well before use, then apply Rabiotia to all kinds of plants of all ages. For small gardens or potted veggies and ornamental plants, water your plants and then apply 2 ounces of Rabiota around the plants’ stem. For best results, apply to younger seedlings. The application can be repeated after ten days for maximum output.For lawns: Apply 20-24 ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. or 4 gallons per acres. For best results and drought tolerance lawn, apply early spring for existing lawn or seven days after reseeding.For larger-scale applications, we can provide seeds coated with Rabiotia. For more information, please contact us.

How Is It Different?

Agrochemicals have eliminated beneficial microbes in crop plants for thousands of years. Rabiota reintroduces helpful microbes into crops for maximum sustainable yield and abiotic stress tolerance, including for drought and heat. Rabiota is compatible with chemical fertilizers and other products, including fungicides. Rabiota creates up to 14.5% higher yield compared to triple-13 chemical fertilizer. It helps create healthier plants and soil, and creates more delicious food in the meantime.